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"Which Came First?" Props

  • 10 units of the paper-frame prop used in Robert E. Neale's comedy routine, "Which Came First?"
  • Limited quantities remain.

Bob Neale's "Which Came First?" (in An Essay on Magic) is a funny routine about chickens and eggs that is illustrated with a frame-like prop that folds in an astonishing number of permutations.

The 6" x 6" prop is colored, two-sided, made of heavy paper, and scored to facilitate its folding. The prop will last for several performances, but not indefinitely.

Because of these qualities, I have had copies of the prop commercially printed; they come 10 to a pack.

Whether you want to perform Bob Neale's "Which Came First?" or merely delight in playing with his extraordinary paper toy, these props are for you!

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