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"Which Came First?" Props & Video Kit

  • 10 props used in Robert E. Neale's visual comedy routine, "Which Came First?"
  • Includes access to a explanation video by Lawrence Hass
  • Comes with Lawrence's PG-rated script

Bob Neale's "Which Came First?" is visual, funny routine illustrated with a cardboard frame that folds into an astonishing number of permutations.

While "Which Came First?" is explained in Bob's book, An Essay on Magic, this package provides what you need to LEARN and PERFORM it. It includes:

10 cardboard frames (each of which will last for several performances)

Access to a video by Larry Hass, explaining the intricate moves and sharing his PG-rated script for the routine

A printed copy of Larry's script.

Whether you want to perform Bob Neale's "Which Came First?" or delight in playing with this extraordinary paper toy, this kit is for you!

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    "Which Came First" is a unique piece of entertainment that should always exist in your pocket to delight anyone of any age. It is not your "run of the mill gadget" to ambush unwary victims on street corners. It is another piece of brilliance from the genius of Robert Neale. It is a kind of origami with a story that literally moves with your words. Mr. Neale gives you a script, along with the handling in his book, "An Essay on Magic." I strongly recommend that you create your own chat for this piece. I guarantee; it is nothing you have ever seen performed! From personal experience, every time I present this gem, both children and adults are totally captivated. It is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and strong enough to pull people away from social media; thus allowing themselves to be given a free ride into this creative experience. Thanks to Larry Hass, all the printing, scoring, and cutting has been done for you.
    Highly Recommended!

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