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Magic Inside Out

  • The new book of magic by creative genius, Robert E. Neale
  • Includes 14 new routines, each one with a fully developed script
  • Includes "Dream Door," a new masterpiece to carry in your wallet!

ROBERT E. NEALE is a treasure for magicians who enjoy mind-bending magic and powerful presentations.

MAGIC INSIDE OUT collects FOURTEEN of Bob's astonishing routines--twelve of which appear here for the first time. In keeping with his trademark style, they employ a range of simple props and provocative themes to delightfully twist the perceptions of audiences.

MAGIC INSIDE OUT also includes a major interview in which, for the first time, Bob turns himself inside out, sharing the powerful story of his creative life and inspirations.

Hardcover with Dustjacket, 162 pages. AVAILABLE IN LIMITED SUPPLY:  THE EVERYONE SYMBOL DECK for Chapter 4.



Martin Gardner

Bob Neale is a wonder. How Neale manages to think of such things is a mystery hard to fathom.

Barrie Richardson

Bob Neale’s brain is wired unlike anyone else I know. [His] insights make you share your head with awe, wonder, and respect.

Eugene Burger

Bob Neale has created so many presentations that point us to life—our real lives with all their joy and sorrow, their confusion and clarity, their doubt and faith.

Jeff McBride

Bob Neale is my hero. It astonishes me how he can transform even some of the darkest situations into light, humor, and inspiration.


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Customer Reviews

  • MAGICUS Magazine, July/August 2021, Review by Erick Fearson (translated from its French original)

    5 Stars

    Endowed with boundless creativity, it is difficult to define [Bob Neale's] magic. Unclassifiable, often poetic, sometimes frightening, always metaphorical, his routines are always original and meaningful. Fundamentally spiritual, his narrative magic is a true mirror of the soul. Where some would only present boring puzzles with the same effects, Robert E. Neale takes us each time on a true philosophical journey through life and death.... The book ends with a fascinating conversation between the two authors that gives us a better understanding and understanding of Bob's vision. When we know that Neale and Hass are two fundamental pillars of Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School, we understand that only quality could be there. If you want to create meaning with your magic and touch people's hearts, then Magic Inside Out is a must have, just like all of Robert E. Neale's previous books.

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  • Review from MagicOrthodoxy at Facebook

    4 Stars

    MAGIC INSIDE OUT is a wonderful collection of Robert Neale's magic and humor.

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  • From

    5 Stars

    "I think, I hope, I have created enough interest in MAGIC INSIDE OUT that you'll hurry on over and reward yourself with a book you won't be able to put down until you've read every word and every effect. This is magic you won't find anywhere else. The last 40 pages are reserved for an in-depth interview with Bob [Neale] by Larry {Hass]. It is only fitting. You need to understand the mind behind the magic, the mind behind the creativity and presentational matters in MAGIC INSIDE OUT. This is truly rarified air, and I don't doubt you will enjoy [the interview] as much as I did."

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  • Magic Tricks Reviewed, Facebook Page, March 2021

    5 Stars

    From official reviewer, JIM CANADY:
    "I absolutely love this book. It is well written, easy to understand and perform, and the routines are not only unique but fun to do. You cannot go wrong buying this book chock full of gold."

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  • Rolando Santos for THE LINKING RING, April 2021

    5 Stars

    "Robert E. Neale and Larry Hass's newest collaboration is an extraordinary book. It successfully blends traditional magic, the philosophy of theater magic, engaging storytelling, and what I call evocative magic [which] combines everyday items with well-crafted presentations to unerringly carry a spectator to a powerful, highly personalized magical moment. … HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

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