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Juan Tamariz

Juan Tamariz

A great master of card magic who is one of the art's most important thinkers. 

Products by Juan Tamariz

  • Five Points in Magic

    Five Points in Magic

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    • From the Spanish master, Juan Tamariz
    • Essential techniques for improving your performances
    • 5 outstanding routines fully explained
    • One of the great books on magic theory
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  • Verbal Magic

    Verbal Magic

    No reviews yet
    • From the great Spanish Master, Juan Tamariz
    • Over 40 interactive routines for ZOOM, online, TV, or telephone
    • Follow along and amaze yourself
    • A deep study in the psychology of interactive magic
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  • The Magic Rainbow

    The Magic Rainbow

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    • An in-depth study of the nature and purpose of magical art
    • Book 3 in Juan's great trilogy in the philosophy of magic
    • includes many chapters of surpassing importance to any magical performer
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  • The Magic Way

    The Magic Way

    No reviews yet
    • One of the all-time great works on routine construction and method
    • Book 2 of Juan's great trilogy in the philosophy of magic
    • Every magician will be enriched by reading it
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