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Eugene Burger's INFLUENCE Deck

  • One of Eugene's Deepest Secrets and Finest Routines
  • Available for the First Time Ever
  • For close-up, walk-around, parlor, and stage!
  • Deck assembled and handcrafted to Eugene's exact specifications

"Influence" was one of Eugene's most closely guarded secrets. That's because it is one of his finest, most deeply deceptive pieces of card magic. About "Influence," Eugene once told me that "it is probably the best trick I ever put together."

Suitable for Walk-Around, Close-Up, Parlor, and Stage, this was a constant worker in Eugene's repertoire. And it delights and astonishes everyone

This package includes a special deck that has been assembled and handcrafted to Eugene's exact specifications. It also includes a handmade “X” card, exactly like the one Eugene used for many performances.

Please note: no instructions are included, but they are fully provided--with all his variations and touches--in Chapter 2 of Eugene Burger: Final Secrets.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Eugene knocked me out with this across the bar at Biggs during the summer of 1994. This can be a fantastic mystery when well rendered, as Eugene aptly demonstrated all those years ago. Get the books, get Influence.

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