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The Magic Way

  • One of the all-time great works on routine construction and method
  • Book 2 of Juan's great trilogy in the philosophy of magic
  • Every magician will be enriched by reading it

From the moment it appeared in 1987, The Magic Way was recognized as one of the world's great books on magic.  After being out of print for many years, the new, revised edition published in English in 2014 brings to magicians everywhere the magic and remarkable thinking of one of our greatest living magicians.

The Magic Way is an in-depth study of how any magic effect can be improved until its method becomes so impervious to discover that audiences simply relax happily into the experience of the impossible.

Tamariz's "Theory of False Solutions and The Magic Way" is explained in exquisite clarity, with detailed examples.  Indeed, tricks and full routines from Juan Tamariz's working repertoire are explained in depth, and then meticulously analyzed to show how the theory was applied to create that routine.

The Magic Way will give you new polished performance pieces to consider, along with something even better:  a new tool that will allow you to make every routine you do more amazing.  

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