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Impossi-Bill Braid

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  • A Totally Impossible Object Made with a Bill
  • 3 Presentations for Performance
  • Comes with Instructional DVD

From the Extraordinary Mind of Robert E. Neale!

A braided dollar bill is introduced. Close examination of this impossible object shows that it has been slit twice lengthwise into three bands--slits which extended nearly to the ends of the bill. The braiding is real, although the bands have never been separate.  It looks truly impossible

The bill can be borrowed, transformed into this impossible object, and returned to the owner in two minutes.  The result is an impossible mystery--a reminder that the world is much stranger than we think!

The 22-page book comes with a DVD with instructions showing how to create the braided bill.

From Larry Hass: This is a real-world piece of magic. George Parker has been using "The Impossible-Bill Braid" in his professional repertoire for 10 years. 

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