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Eugene Burger's "The Spot Card" (PROP ONLY)

  • This is the prop (only) for Eugene's masterful routine in EUGENE BURGER: FROM BEYOND
  • For a limited time only in limited supply!
  • Handmade by Robert Charles

‚ÄčNovember 17, 2021:  This is the FINAL batch of these props, so this product is limited to one per customer.

For many years, Eugene Burger delighted and astonished audiences with his version of a classic effect, "The Spot Card."

At long last, Eugene's routine is fully explained in Eugene Burger: From Beyond, including the instructions for how to make Eugene's prop. However, for a limited time, and in limited supply, Theory and Art of Magic Press has some of the props for sale.  The prop is made to Eugene's specifications by Robert Charles, the person who made Eugene's props.

Please note:  this is not your usual dealer-item spot card!  There are no magnets and nothing is stolen away.  It is a real fooler, especially for magicians. 

The Experience:  Talking about the first magician he ever met, a woman, Eugene shows the audience a piece of magic that she performed. Displaying a card with one spot on it, she turned it around to show four spots on the other side; then she turned it around again to show two spots, and then turned it again to show six spots! After explaining how the mind plays tricks on itself, the card is turned around again to show no spots, then turned one last time to reveal twelve spots!

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