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Transformations FINAL COPIES

  • Lawrence Hass's breakthrough, international best-selling book.
  • Includes 11 routines from Lawrence's professional repertoire, including all his work on "Fading Coin," which inspired Eugene Burger!
  • Includes 7 short essays on how to transform tricks into experiences of magic.
  • Includes 2 longer celebrated essays about the nature of magic and its important place in human life.

In his international bestseller Transformations: Creating Magic Out of Tricks, Lawrence Hass, Ph.D., uncovers some of the higher secrets for creating strong, entertaining performances of magic. 

Drawing on over 15 years of experience as a performer and as an award-winning teacher of magic at the college level, Dr. Hass shows that applying presentational, psychological, and theatrical principles to our techniques is the pathway for turning mere tricks into memorable experiences of magic.

Transformations includes 11 complete performing pieces from Larry's professional repertoire, 5 engaging short essays on magic performance, and 2 longer philosophical essays that express Larry's view of magic as a human experience and performing art.

Hardcover with dustjacket:  185 pages with 36 photo illustrations



 "This is a wonderful book written by a very talented performer. It is full of secrets:  great tricks and thoughtful scripts and also the subtle strategies of presentation and psychology that will make you a better, more engaging magician.  Prepare yourself:  you and your magic are likely to be transformed."   --Eugene Burger

"In the following pages, not only will you gain a deeper insight into the history and mystery of Larry's search for magic, you will also learn secrets for transforming your own performances."   --Jeff McBride 

"Dr. Hass has a revolutionary approach to performing, teaching, and learning magic. He focuses. . .on making magic meaningful. . . . I have seen him perform many of these routines for several different audiences. They never fail to elicit a tremendous response."   --Marc DeSouza

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Customer Reviews

  • Bill Wells, The Linking Ring

    5 Stars

    “This little book is a rare contribution to the literature of magic. . . . Dr. Hass’s incorporation of effect, method, philosophy, psychology, and theater into an overall presentational approach is what makes this book so important. . . . VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

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  • Jon Racherbaumer, M-U-M magazine

    5 Stars

    “Hass joins the ranks of magicdom’s other notable theorists: Robert Neale, Eugene Burger, Tommy Wonder, David Parr, Juan Tamariz, Arturo de Ascanio, René Lavand, and Jeff McBride. . . . Dr. Hass’s stimulating book deserves our attention.”

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  • Jeff Stone, Stone Cold Magic Magazine

    5 Stars

    "The bottom line is this: if you plan on ever showing any “magic trick” to anyone ever at any point in your life, get this book. This is not a book of tricks. It’s a book of magic. . . ."

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