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The Little Book of Creativity

  • George Parker's international bestselling book on creativity.
  • Filled with concepts and exercises to activate meaningful change in your life.
  • Generates countless ideas for envisioning and meeting your goals.

Make It Up and Make It Happen!

We've been making up our lives since the day we were born. Much of the time we don't know we are doing it. We think, act, and interact habitually, unconsciously, and on based on what has already been done.

The Little Book of Creativity is an international bestselling book that you can read to get inspired or that you can use as an oracle. It contains 64 eye-opening insights that are paired with concrete suggestions to put them to work in your life.

In addition, the Introduction to the book explains George Parker's "IDEAL Cycle for Creating Results," a conceptual tool that will guide you from vague feelings via inspired visions to immediate actions that will help you shape your life, career, relationships, or business in the ways that YOU want.

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