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Life Magic

  • Includes a sleight-free, borrowed deck, miracle class card routine for non-magicians.
  • Includes Larry's "Last Lecture," his public address about how to live a magical life.
  • Includes a celebrated essay about the deep and important place of magic in human experience.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Larry Hass's book LIFE MAGIC: IDEAS AND MYSTERIES includes three chapters that are thought provoking and mind-stirring.

    He begins with a public address; his "last lecture" given at Muhlenberg College to graduates in 2008, before everyone left for the real world. This lecture emphasizes passion along with 3 other elements to practice and carry with you for a happy and successful life. These are not typical "pipe-dreams" that usually roll out the mouths of various pop-culture personalities placed in this kind of situation. These are devices that true geniuses in the ARTS practice and deliver on a daily basis.

    In chapter 2 , Dr. Hass releases a card item; one without difficult straining, acrobatics, or boring premises, which is enveloped in a carefully structured and though-out script that will bewilder the sharpest minds in and out of magic. This item is explained to you with a teaching style and craftsmanship that rivals most magic authors of today.

    Finally in chapter 3, Larry's essay explores the unrealized magic found in all of our daily lives. I first uncovered these ideas in the works of Robert Neale. Larry has simplified mental images and abstract concepts for easier comprehension. It is mind-boggling at the number of ways this Art interweaves itself in our everyday life styles.

    This book should motivate you to "Stop and Smell the Roses" and begin "Seeing the Forest from the Trees!" It helps make one aware and LIFE MAGIC just may change your life. How much? That's up to practice, rehearsal.....and YOU!

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  • From Vanish Magazine Review

    5 Stars

    “I highly recommend that you pick up this thoughtful book.” --Jeff Christensen

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