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  • State-of-the-art tool and handling for the billet index.
  • 5 thoroughly deceptive routines for the real world.
  • Comes with access to 9 performance and instructional videos.
  • Comes complete with a work-kit to easily construct your index.
  • (Secretly) used by world-leading mentalists and magicians.

INDEX-terity will put a new spin on your magic and mentalism. 

George Parker's INDEX-terity turns the billet index on its head, making it more powerful and deceptive than ever before!

George has created the "game changer" for magicians and mentalists: once you learn his approach, you will never go back to the old tools and handlings. And you will wonder why it took so long.

Everything you need is INSIDE!

  • Five fully-developed routines from George Parker's professional repertoire. 
  • A work-kit of the materials required to construct three of George's indexes and to perform these routines. 
  • Access to a private website with over 35 minutes of instructional and performance videos relating to the contents of the book.
  • Additional secrets and tips, including George Parker's marking system for playing cards.

Perfect Bound, 94 pages, 8.5" x 8.5", Black and white illustrations

High Praise from Top Magic and Mentalism Professionals

"George Parker's new and very deceptive approach to [the ballot index] will inspire you. Get ready for a fascinating journey!"
- Eugene Burger

"George Parker has given new life to one of mentalism's great, under appreciated gimmicks...He has made it more flexible, practical, and powerful..."
- Bob Fitch

"I have not encountered such fully thought out and explained routines since the private release miracles of Ned Rutledge."
- Ross Johnson

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