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Chan Canasta's BOOK OF OOPSES

  • The first-ever book that reads your mind!
  • A delightful interactive magic experience
  • Uses unusual and subtle principles

In 1966, the legendary mindreader CHAN CANASTA published The Book of Oopses, advertised as "The first-ever book that can read minds." The book consists of FIFTEEN different experiments where the reader looks at an image and carries out some operation, and then goes to the back of the book to discover the book knew what answer you would have! There are a variety of different, subtle, and uncommon principles at work.  When the book "hits"--which is a high percentage of the time, it is astonishing and thought-provoking.

I recently acquired a small number of the 2009 reprinting of the book from an overseas source. It is a high-quality book that you will want to have and hold so you can have this remarkable experience of a book that will read your mind!