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The Sense of Wonder (PDF)

  • From one of magic's most creative minds and recipient of a 2014 Special Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts.
  • Includes a major essay exploring what wonder is and how magicians can create more of it in their performances.
  • Includes 31 of Bob Neale's innovative magic routines and impossible objects, each one with a fully-developed script.

This is the PDF Version of this MAJOR NEW RELEASE!!  (For the PAPERBACK version, go here.)

Between 1998-2000 Robert E. Neale wrote three important books, each one on a topic that is central to magicians: illusionwonder, and magic itself.

The Sense of Wonder is Book 2 in this Trilogy of Magic. In these pages, Bob Neale sets out to expand our understanding of the human capacity to wonder beyond common and limited notions of it. As he uncovers the widely different styles and subjects of wonder, he also shows how magicians can apply these insights to create more and better wonders for their audiences.

The Sense of Wonder also includes 31 of Bob Neale’s latest, highly innovative magic routines, all but one of which were previously unpublished. Each of these routines comes with a fully developed script and is performed with simple props that are easily purchased or constructed, such as playing cards, paper and cardboard, bills and coins—even a toy ball!



Paperback:  396 pages.  68 illustrations by Kiva Singh.


Praise for The Magic of Celebrating Illusion (The Trilogy of Magic, Book 1)

Michael Weber

Robert Neale has done something important for the art of magic: he has given us a book full of ways and means by which we can see past our self-imposed illusions in order to more clearly see the real magic which exists in the world . . . . Long live Robert Neale.

Genii Magazine

 As a book of [magic] theory and philosophy it cannot be recommended enough, and if it had included no tricks I would certainly have felt I had my money's worth.

MAGIC Magazine

Robert Neale is a unique thinker, and this book is essential reading for [any magician] who enjoys a challenge, rather than being spoon-fed the latest one-trick DVD.

Eugene Burger
This first book in Bob Neale’s Trilogy of Magic is an adventure! The magic is strong, his scripts and presentations are wonderful, and the philosophy of illusion in these pages is both exciting and challenging. A strong start for what promises to be a major contribution to magic.

General Praise for Bob Neale

Max Maven

Bob Neale has a rare ability to create magic with an intellectual whimsy. The result is simultaneously provocative, profound, and just plain fun.

Barrie Richardson

Bob Neale is a wonder . . . . His ideas are arresting. His insights stretch your mind and make you shake your head with awe, wonder, and respect. And his magic routines are what Mozart would applaud with glee.

Jeff McBride

Bob Neale reminds us that there are many ways to experience and perform magic. Our job is not to believe or disbelieve it, but rather to “make-believe.” When one enters into a relationship with magic in this mind-set, it opens us new possibilities.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. The Sense Of Wonder PDF (27.27 MB)

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Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding!

    5 Stars

    See my full review under The Magic of Celebrating Illusion.

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  • MAGIC Magazine, February 2015

    5 Stars

    "A book of magic theory is much more difficult to write than a collection of tricks. The Sense of Wonder contains many interesting ideas and thoughts on the concept of wonder . . . . [T]here are plenty of ideas that challenged me to think more deeply about my magic."

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  • Magic Reviewed, March 2015

    5 Stars

    "If you are a thinker, like theory books, and/or like interesting left-of-center presentatio ideas, then you'll love this book . . . . If you want to open your mind more and think more about wonder and its meaning, then stop reading this review now and get the book. 4.5 Stars with a stone status of GEM!"

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